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cupcakerockstar's Journal

6 February
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I'm Sara. I'm a geek who's trying to get by highschool, yet manage her life at the same time, but sometimes I manage to be and do other things too. I'm mostly a lurker, but feel free to drop in and say hi.

I'm a cynical, skeptic realist in love with optimism. I dream outlandish dreams. I love CAPSLOCK and baking and sprinkles. I'm kind of ridiculous and I flail my arms when I'm excited, but I also probably think too much for my own good. I only watch television when I'm watching shows I like, and I'm on my laptop the rest of the time. I'm a troper, and I like to believe Rousseau Was Right. I'm likely to obsess about fandoms. I procrastinate too much. I love hugs and friends and the two together is awesomesauce. Mostly, I'm a geek and a person and trying to go along with the world.

Hi hi hi, these are my life and times.
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